Mikk Orglaan

Mikk Orglaan

Mikk Orglaan

Business Development Partner


Mikk has got 20+ years of expertise in business development, software development & digital marketing for startups & businesses being CEO of few software development and marketing companies. He has been public speaker over 10+ years and sales thinking guy over 30+ years, designing, planning, organizing events over few decades. He has been mentoring for Enterprise Estonia, StartupNight, Ajujaht – startup programs. 

He has developed various marketing tools, such as custom web shops, customer care solutions, ordering processes optimizations, CRM solutions, RMA solutions, ERP solutions, analytical tools, email delivery to billions of recipients both marketing and invoicing, some mobile solutions. He has been responsible for analyzing, designing, development, testing, delivery.


COO of MEBLITZ & CEO of Starup Flight Instructor. We bring clarity, create actionplan, execute & supervise businesses growth & development. Knowing challenges & pain being an entrepreneur we open doors, find partners & clients & funds & co-found. We don’t fake til you make it, we have our skin in your play,
Co-founder and CEO of MAILBOW. Mailbow was aquired by Smaily in spring 2019 after fierce competition of 10years. Mailbow was an Estonian made marketing automation software, full conference solution, service with extended CRM functionalities, webshop and payment options for our client's customers. Including traditional functionalities and API of course. QR and stripe codes to authenticate visitors. Various monitoring configuration options, etc. Wide integration options. We've sent x times billions of emails and counting. Mailbow hosted yearly email focused marketing event Email Summit Estonia - emailsummit.ee for 9 years.
Founder and CEO of MIKARE NET, a web agency, mother of lots of spin-offs and number of marketing tools. Business contained: internet network, hosting, web development, eCommerece, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, CRM, ERP and number of smaller tools designed for marketers and sales people. Highlight of MIKARE NET was several versions of CRM softwares, which had at one point even 7% of Estonian market share.
Various sales and marketing related jobs in wholesales, banking and internet network businesses.


Marketing strategy, online marketing95%
Business development90%
B2B, B2B2C, Saas100%
Consulting, Advisory, Coaching, Mentoring85%