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Team members & skills

We run projects for our clients as an agency. Our project based teams combine necessary talents into required setups needed to achieve set goals defined by current client.

Our team members are located mostly in EU, but also in UK and India. Their language skills, deep expertise, skillset and network varys and due to that we are able to pull off projects that are unrealistic to local entities.

We have large wordlwide set of advisors and consultants supporting us.


Sounds interesting as a job for you, you’re welcome to join our team.

Scaling businesses to EU, UK80%
Business administration in EU30%
Market entry to Estonia100%
Strategy & Branding85%
Online marketing & sales90%
Knowing realistic ambition and combining tools to achieve goals

We are the tools for our clients ambitions

World is full of opportunities. Yet a lot of people are not willing to take these steps necessary to make the difference happen. And in lots of cases it is the skillset, knowledge, network, experience that founders lack of in other markets. We fill these gaps and let you leap into your well earned future.

We’ve struggled ourselves, burnt money for nothing, wasted time and overwhelmed our relations with good people. We get your pain and are here for you. 

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Pärnu mnt 160, Tallinn 11317, Estonia

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Tartu mnt 2, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia

Bank Account: AS LHV Pank

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IBAN: EE647700771003766007


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